Ice Regulations

Storage & Manufacturing

Ice which is to be used in fountain drinks, ice water, tea, and coffee, or in connection with the chilling or serving of salads, vegetables, or cocktails shall be manufactured from an approved water supply and shall be stored and handled in a sanitary manner. Ice machines shall be kept clean.

Storage boxes shall be covered, located away from sources of contamination, maintained in good repair, and kept clean. Storage bins or boxes shall be provided with rims and covers designed to exclude spillage and drip.

Ice grinders, pans, and buckets used in preparing chipped or crushed ice shall be protected from contamination, thoroughly cleaned between usages, and kept in good repair; buckets and other containers used in the transportation of ice shall be stored above the floor in a clean place.

Dispensing or Transferring Ice

Ice shall be dispensed or transferred with a scoop, spoon, or other sanitary method. When not in use, an ice scoop or spoon may be stored in the ice with the handle protruding or on a clean surface. Ice scoops shall not be stored in water.

Fountain ice compartments, bowls, buckets, or other containers shall be in good repair; frequently washed and kept free of scum, rust, etc.; and shall be protected from drip, dust, splash, and other means of contamination. Ice shall not be received, used, or accepted when there is evidence that it is not being handled and transported in a sanitary manner.