1. Higher COVID-19 Call Volume Impacts Craven County Phone System

    Citizens may receive a busy signal when calling any of Craven County's departments during times when the COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling Hotline call volume is higher than normal. Read on...
  2. Craven County COVID-19 Update for February 19, 2021

    According to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) COVID-19 Dashboard, Craven County has 8,012 COVID-19 cases as of 11:30 a.m. on, February 19, 2021. Read on...
  3. Craven County COVID-19 Vaccination Supply Drives Appointment Availability

    The Craven County Board of Commissioners has received a tremendous number of contacts from citizens concerned about when they will receive a COVID-19 vaccination appointment. Read on...
  4. Craven Area Rural Transit System (CARTS) Fares Temporarily Suspended

    The Craven County Board of Commissioners approved a temporary suspension of Craven Area Rural Transit System (CARTS) fares from January 1, 2021 through June 30, 2021. Read on...
  5. Beatrice Riggs Smith Selected for District Three Craven County Board of Commissioner Seat

    Beatrice Riggs Smith was selected by the Craven County Board of Commissioners at their December 14, 2020 work session to fill the vacant Craven County District Three Craven County Board of Commissioners seat. Read on...
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  1. Spotlight On The Community

    Featured Stories & Attractions in Craven County
  1. Not All Heroes Wear Capes

    Not All Heros Wear Capes

     Through this time of uncertainty and seemingly constant change, we have given endless adulation to hospital staff and first responders all over the country, and rightfully so. However, have we paused to think of the people holding our own county together?

    Despite adjusted best practices and high standards for performance, these departments have risen to the challenge. They have put the needs of their community first and tirelessly altered their understanding of how they practice and innovated new solutions to ensure that the citizens of Craven County continued to receive the services on which they depend.

    Our Health Department Nurses, 911 Communicators, Social Workers, and Deputies have been tireless in their pursuit to keep us safe, both from COVID-19 and other threats. So, let's take a moment to thank them for choosing every day to lace up their boots and walk out of their homes so that we can be safe in ours.
  1. Congratulations 2020 Graduates!

    Craven County congratulates all 2020 graduates for their continued perseverance through uncertain times to achieve their goals! Best wishes for health, happiness, and prosperity to all!