Environmental Health Fees


Copies per page$0.25
Credit Card Transaction Fee$2.45
Debit Card Transaction Fee$1.25

Animal Control

Adoption - Dog - Spay / Neuter$65
Adoption - Cat - Spay / Neuter$40
Adoption - Rabies Vaccination$10
Adoption - Administrative$20
Boarding Fee (per day)$10
Dangerous Dog Permit Annual Fee$100
Dangerous Dog Appeal$50
Fines - 1st Offense$15
Fines - 2nd Offense$25
Fines - 3rd Offense$50
Micro-chip and Registration for Shelter-Adopted Animal$10

Children's Environmental Health

Lead Inspection$0.25 per square foot
Lead Risk Assessment (incurs additional charges for lab samples)$0.23 per square foot
Lead Pre-Renovation or Abatement Testing$295.00
Lead Pre-Renovation or Abatement Limited Lead-Based Paint Inspection$100.00
Lead Clearance Testing (after job completion - incurs additional charges for lab samples)$195.00
Lead Management (preventive maintenance) Program$10.00
Lead Safety RRP Certified Renovator Initial Class (must have 3 or more participants)$125.00
Lead Safety RRP Certified Renovator Refresher Class$65.00
Lead Risk Assessment & Inspection Combination (incurs additional charges for lab samples)$0.30 per square foot
Lead Dust Samples - Lab$15.00 each
Lead Dust Samples - Rushed Results - Lab$35.00 each
Lead Soil Samples - Lab$25.00 each

Food, Lodging & Institutions

Plan Review - New Establishment$250
Plan Review - Existing Establishment$150
Plan Review - Mobile Food Units and Custom Push Carts$75
ServSafe Test Proctor Fee per Student (minimum 2 students)$75
Temporary Food Establishment Permit$75
Limited Food Service Annual Permit (Concession at Sporting Event)$75
Swimming Pool - Annual Permit$100
Swimming Pool Re-Visit$50
Swimming Pool - Plan Review$150
Tattoo Artist Annual Permit$200

Onsite Water & Wastewater

Swimming Pool - Siting Approval$80.00
Authorization to Reconnect in a MHP (per lot)$50.00
Replacement of Home Approval - No Changes in Flow$50.00
Foundation Addition Approval$50.00
Detached Structure Approval$50.00
Flow Increase/Change in Use (Wastewater)$150.00
Soil Evaluation for Improvement Permit$150.00
Authorization to Construct Septic System$125.00
Soil Evaluation for Improvement Permit for 5 or More Bedrooms Residential or All Business / Commercial$300.00
Authorization to Construct Septic System for 5 or More Bedrooms Residential or All Business / Commercial$300.00
Engineered Plan Review$150.00
Private Well - Construction Permit (Fee will be $400 if the State enacts VOC testing rules per Session Law 2013-122)$200.00
Private Well - Repair/Replacement (Fee will be $400 if the State enacts VOC testing rules per Session Law 2013-122)$200.00
Engineered Option Permit for Residential With 4 or Less Bedrooms$82.50
Engineered Option Permit for Residential With 5 or More Bedrooms or Business / Commercial$180.00

Water Analysis Environmental Lab

Potable - Total Coliform / E. coli (P/A) - New Lines, Compliance, Noncompliance, Out of County, etc.$30
Potable - Heterotrophic Plate Count (MPN) - Compliance or Noncompliance$30
Potable - Heterotrophic Plate Count (MPN) and Total Coliform/E. coli (P/A) - compliance or noncompliance$47
Fecal coliform, MPN (Quantitative) - Noncompliance - [fresh waters] - [NC]$35
Enterococcus, MPN (Quantitative) - Noncompliance - [marine waters]$35
Pseudomonas, MPN (Quantitative) - Noncompliance - [hot tubs]$35
E. coli - MPN - (Quantitative) - Noncompliance - [fresh waters] - [EPA] - [GAP]$35

Water Analysis State Lab

(Allow 2 to 3 weeks for results)

Anions - fluoride, chloride and sulfate$50
Arsenic Speciation$35
Disinfection By-Products - bromide, bromate, chlorite, chlorate$35
Enterococcus, MPN (Quantitative)$35
Fecal Coliform, MPN - (Quantitative)$35
Fecal Coliform/Fecal Streptococcus - MTF$85
Fluoride - physician, dentist$35
Full Well Panel (inorganic chemistry and microbiology)$150
Heterotrophic Plate Count$30
Individual Metals - 1-3 max from above + uranium$85
Inorganic Panel - metals$120
Inorganic Panel - metals, anions, nitrate/nitrite$135
Iron Bacteria$35
Metals Panel$85
Petroleum Products$100
Potable - Heterotrophic Plate Count (MPN) - noncompliance$30
Pseudomonas - MTF or MPN - (Quantitative)$35
Sulfur/Sulfate - reducing bacteria$45
Total Coliform/E. coli, MPN$35
Volatile Organic Chemicals$200