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Health Department

  1. Add Your Baby to WIC

    Form for adding an infant to the WIC program

  2. Craven County Health Department Nutrition Referral

    Dietitian referral to Lisa Mayo, RD

  3. Hospice Volunteer Visit Summary
  1. Craven County Environmental Health Complaint Form

    Environmental Health complaints

  2. Disaster Response Questionnaire (Procedures for Re-Opening Food Establishments)
  3. Mobile Food Unit (MFU) Commissary Permission

    permission granted from a food service establishment operator to use the building and equipment as a staging and cleaning facility

Information Technology

  1. Employee Demographic Change Form

    Change address, telephone number, emergency contact, or name

  2. Internet/E-mail Authorization Request and Approval

    Used to request a new email address and/or internet access authorization.

  3. Special Needs Registry Form
  1. Employee's Report of Accident

    This form should be completed by the employee who has been injured on the job.

  2. Request for Employee IT Account(s)

    Used to request account setup and access for new/transferring employees.

  3. Website Training Request Form

    Request for editor training for the CivicPlus content management system (CMS).



    Form to enroll in benefit, terminate benefit, make demographic and dependent changes.

  2. Memorandum of Disposition

    Internal - Required for returning extra or damaged equipment.

  1. Demographic Change Form

    Complete this form and submit it to Human Resources online to make changes in your contact information or name. The information on this... More…

  2. Potholes Complaint Form


  1. Memorandum of Disposition

    Fixed Asset Inventory tracking

  1. Memorandum of Disposition - Sample

    Internal form that tracks County assets when they are no longer needed or are needed in another department.

Naloxone Reporting

  1. Naloxone Reporting Form

    Used to report administration of naloxone.


  1. Development In A Flood Hazard Area

    Application for a permit to develop inside a designated flood hazard area

  1. Fire Permit Application

Register of Deeds

  1. Application for Certified Copy of Vital Record

    Form used to receive a certified copy of birth, marriage or death certificates via U.S. Postal Service.

  2. Marriage Application
  1. DD214
  2. Thank A Vet Business Partner Information

    Partner with the Craven County Register of Deeds Office to Thank our Veterans for their service to our country by agreeing to give... More…

Sheriffs Office

  1. CCSO Classroom Reservation Request

    Use to request classroom for training, conference, meetings, etc. This classroom is in a secure area; outside organizations should... More…

  2. Report Drug Use

    Report Drug Use


    Inmate transport form

Solid Waste & Recycling

  1. Clean Sweep Notification

    Citizens can receive notifications of upcoming sweep events , clean business of the month and events concerning litter pick up.

  2. Complaint Form

    Complaint Form is to inform the Solid Waste and Recycling Department of complaints with servicing either trash with stickers or... More…

  3. Ordinance Complaint Form

    This form is for complaints with citizens having an accumulation of refuse and/or junked motor vehicle in sight of a public/private... More…

  4. Request to Clean a Roadside

    Citizens can request a roadside to be placed on the next Clean Sweep Event. The Clean Sweep Program is volunteer based and because of... More…

  5. Waste Industries Complaint Form

    This form is for citizens, with a private Waste Industries subscription, lodge a complaint with their services.

  1. Complaint Form

    Complaint Form is to inform the Solid Waste and Recycling Department of complaints with servicing either trash with stickers or... More…

  2. Nomination of Clean Business of the Month

    Nominate a business in Craven County that is litter free. This is a nomination for consideration to the Craven County Clean Sweep... More…

  3. Recycle Bin Request
  4. Solid Waste and Recycling Notification

    Citizens can receive email notifications of holiday schedule changes, upcoming events and inclement weather schedule changes.


  1. 2018 Application for a valuation appeal before the Craven County Board of Equalization and Review

    This form should be filled out if you have a valuation appeal on real or personal property or if you are appealing a discovery of real... More…

Tax Department

  1. Recycle Release/Refund Request Form

    Taxpayers may use this form to request a release or refund of recycling fees charged pursuant to the solid waste ordinance.

Water Department

  1. 310 Forsythe Lane
  2. Application Identity Page
  3. Customer Contact Update Form
  4. Floating Account Application
  5. Service Disconnection

    This form is to request services to be disconnected. You must have your account number to submit this form.

  1. Application


  2. Application Preferred Contact
  3. Customer Work Order Request

    This is where customers can request work orders.

  4. Poll

    Poll for customers with Water Department

  5. Water Service Agreement

    Contract between Craven County Water and Customers for water service.