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Water Department

  1. 310 Forsythe Lane
  2. Application Identity Page
  3. COVID-19 Payment Plan Agreement

    This payment arrangement is for bills incurred during the governors Executive Order 124, which was issued on May 30, 2020 and expires... More…

  4. Customer Work Order Request

    This is where customers can request work orders.

  5. Floating Account Application
  6. Poll

    Poll for customers with Water Department

  7. Water Service Agreement

    Contract between Craven County Water and Customers for water service.

  1. Application


  2. Application Preferred Contact
  3. Customer Contact Update Form
  4. Employee Defensive Driver's Course
  5. Hurricane Florence Customer Work Request

    This form is for customers to alert the Craven County Water Department to issues, outages and damages to the water system.

  6. Service Disconnection

    This form is to request services to be disconnected. You must have your account number to submit this form.