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Active Bookings in Craven County Detention Facility

The link below shows all current inmates housed at the Craven County Detention Facility. Juveniles and Federal Inmates are not included in this list, please contact jail administration in regards to these inmates. This site is updated once a day at 4:00am.

Housed Inmate Listing

Inmate Deposits (Books)

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To deposit money, simply create an account by visiting www.jailatm.com. You will be prompted through the process in minutes. Once you have an account, find the facility, enter your loved one's name, and deposit money using your credit card!

Inmate Phone Calls

Inmates cannot receive incoming calls. They can make collect calls using Securus Technologies. You can open an account online by going to the Securus Technologies or you can call 1-800-844-6591 to set up an account through the automated phone system or speak to a Securus Technologies Customer Care representative. Guarantee open lines of communication by prepaying for telephone calls, voicemails, and emails in advance. You can make a payment with Visa, MasterCard, and check/debit card. With a Securus Technologies Prepaid or AdvanceConnect™ Accounts, you can budget your calls and avoid any interruption in receiving calls.

Phone conversations with inmates will be recorded and are subject to monitoring at any time and all called party information is available to law enforcement.

Sending Mail to Inmates

To Send Correspondence to Inmates:
Inmate's Name
Craven County Judicial Facility
Detention Center
1100 Clarks Road
New Bern, North Carolina 28563

Item Restrictions

  • Polaroid photographs and post cards are not allowed.
  • Magazine and newspapers  are not allowed unless approved by the proper authority.
  • Comic strips or puzzle pages in mail is not allowed.
  • Books (soft back only) will be donated to the library. Books also can be ordered from a publisher sent to the Jail directly from the publisher, up to 3 books with the inmates name on it.
  • Bubble wrap or padded or double lined envelopes.
  • No stickers on envelopes or the mail inside.
  • No perfume, cologne, or any other type scents. Due to allergies or medical conditions they will be returned without being opened.
  • No revealing, nude, pornographic photographs to include explicit letters.
  • Inmates may possess up to 10 photographs at a time period.  If inmate has more than 10 photos, the additional photos will be taken and placed in their property.  Photo's must be 4X6 inches or smaller, large photos will be returned.
  • Do not send cards that have double or folded and glued pages, or cards with items stuck or glued on them.  All mail is searched for contraband.  Cards will be carefully opened to be searched, stickers and other items attached will be removed and disposed of.
  • Do not send blank paper, stamps or envelopes.  Inmates must purchase these from the canteen.

The above information is subject to change without notice. Contact the Jail at 252-636-6619 if you have any questions.

Visiting Guidelines

On-Site Visitation:

Each resident is afforded two no cost 20-minutes on-site visits per week.  Each visit must be done on different days during normal visitation hours at the Craven County Sheriff’s Office, 1100 Clarks Rd New Bern NC 28562. All visits will be conducted by video monitors. To reserve a time you can sign up with secures using the instructions below.  If you wish you may come on the day you are trying to visit to set up an appointment as visitation time is available.  All On-Site visitors must comply with all On-Site Regulations available at the facility. 


On-Site Hour- Normal Business Week, Excluding Weekends and Holidays:

Morning Hours Starts 8:45 am last for morning starts 11:55 am

Afternoon Hours: Start 1:45 pm last for afternoon starts 4:10 pm

Off-Site Visitation:

Off-Site visitation can be completed using Cell Phones, Home Computers, Tablets, or any device that is capable of going on-line. To have the convenience of this service you must register with Securus and pay a fee for each visit.  Off-Site visitation will be conducted Mon-Sun during the hours listed below.  You must reserve your Off-Site visitation time at least 24-hours in advance. 


Off-Site Hour- 7-Days a week including weekends and Holidays:

Morning Hours Starts 8:45 am last for morning starts at 11:55 am

Afternoon Hours: Start 1:45 pm last for afternoon starts at 4:10 pm

Evening Hours: Start 7:30 pm last for evening starts at 10:10 pm


Creating a Securus Visitation Account:

Create a Securus Online account by going to www.videovisitanywhere.com Version OptionsJail DivisionHeadline Version OptionsJail DivisionHeadline Version OptionsJail DivisionHeadline Version OptionsJail DivisionHeadline Click on the “Sign Up” button to create your account.  If you are enrolling with your computer, make sure you have a webcam to take a picture of a Government Issue photo ID (Driver’s License, Passport, etc.).  You will receive an email once your account is approved.  Once approved, log on to your Securus Online account, select “Schedule a Visit” and follow the steps to schedule your visit anywhere.  On the day of your scheduled visit, make sure you log in to your account on-line or via the mobile app 15-minutes prior to the start time of the visit.

Inmate Property Release:

Inmate property release will be offered on Fridays during normal Visitation Hours.  It is advisable to set up the property release with the inmate prior to the release date if possible.  Only Jail Administration may modify release of property


All Off-Site visitation requests will need to be submitted a minimum of 24-HOURS in advance of your Off-Site visit.   Visitation slots may be filled so you will want to reserve your times as soon as possible.  All visitation times and regulations are subject to change without notice and are recorded by Jail Administration.


Please click here for the full downloadable and printable guide to visitation guidelines.