Online Gun Permit Program

Temporary Procedures for Pistol Permits and Concealed
Effective 3/30/2020

Pistol Permits

We will continue fully processing pistol permits under the following procedures. Applicants may apply on-line only. After completing the on-line application, each applicant must print off their mental health release form and get it notarized. Each applicant must mail in the following: Their notarized mental health release form, and a copy of their N.C. drivers license. If their drivers license does not contain a craven county address, or was issued fewer than 30 days to submission of application, or is an out of state drivers license, they must also mail a proof of 30 day residency within our county. Examples include: bills, leases, and military orders. Please mail all of the above required documents for pistol permits to Craven County Sheriff’s Office, attention pistol permits, 1100 Clarks Rd. New Bern, NC 28562.

Process for picking up pistol permits

We will call each applicant when their permit has been approved. At this time, we will notify them of when they can pick up their permit. Pick up hours will be Wednesday from 1-4 p.m. Please do not come to check on the status of your permit. You will be notified when it is available. Permits will not be mailed and will be available by curbside pickup only. Three large traffic cones will be easily visible for curbside pick-up. At the first cone, the applicant will display their I.D. through their driver side window. Please do not roll down your window. The applicant will then be motioned to the second cone. It is at this second cone, where an employee will place an envelope containing the permit/permits beneath a windshield wiper. All applicants should refrain from rolling down windows. The applicant will then proceed to the third and final cone where they may briefly exit their car to remove their permit/permits from their windshield. Permits will be in weather proof bags.

New Concealed Permits

Applications may be submitted by means of an on-line application only. Each applicant for a new concealed must have all necessary documents completed and notarized. Applicants must mail in the following: Complete application package (except for last page of package. This page will need to accompany applicate on appointment day for fingerprinting purposes.) including notarized documents, original concealed carry course certificate, and a copy of their N.C. drivers license. If the applicant’s drivers license does not reflect a craven county address, or has been issued within the last 30 days, a 30 day proof of residency must be included, such as, a bill, a lease, or military orders. All applicants will schedule an appointment for fingerprinting at the end of their on-line application. Please mail all of these required documents to Craven County Sheriff’s office, Attention Concealed Carry, 1100 Clarks Rd., New Bern, NC 28562. Once approved, the applicant will be contacted in regards to when, and where the permit may be picked up. The process for Concealed Carry can take upwards of three months. Please refrain from calling to check on the status of your permit. Please follow the same procedure for pistol permit pick up.

Renew Concealed Permits

We will allow applicants that are up for renewal to complete their applications on-line. They must get all of the mandatory documents notarized outside of our office and mail in their entire application. Along with mailing in their completed application, they must include a copy of both their drivers license and a copy of their current concealed carry permit. They must mail application to Craven County Sheriff’s Office, attention concealed permits, 1100 Clarks Rd., New Bern, NC 28562. The following procedure for picking up will be as follows. When the permit is ready for pickup, our office will call and give instructions as to when to pick up. Pick up times will be on Wednesdays from 1-4. We will follow the same procedure as with pistol permits. Three cones will be outside. Two will be curbside and one at the stop sign where the applicant may exit the vehicle and grab permit from windshield.

Please note that the Governor of N.C., Governor Roy Cooper, has issued a stay at home order. However, if you do make it to our office, your permit will be available to you during specified times.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Beginning the Process

Follow the link to begin the process:

If you have any questions, please call the Craven County Sheriff’s Office at 252-636-6620.

List of Local CCW Firearms Instructors: CCW Instructors