Soil & Water Conservation District


It is the mission of the Soil and Water Conservation District to provide technical, financial, and educational assistance to the citizens of Craven County in the proper management and wise use of our Natural Resources.


The Soil and Water Conservation District, along with NRCS, provides and administers cost share programs for local agricultural and urban communities to implement best management practices on their land to improve water quality and production. For more information, click here.

Beaver activity contributes to flooding and property damage throughout Craven County each year. Management options typically depend on the location and ownership of the site. Individuals with beaver problems should contact Patrick Baker or Pam Hawkins at (252) 633-0397 to discuss their situation and available management options.


A strong environmental education program is provided to the citizens of Craven County to inform all ages of the need for protecting our natural resources. Environmental field days, contests, and other activities are sponsored throughout the year for students within the county.  

Craven Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors

  • Dietrich Kilpatrick, Chairman
  • Randy Register, Vice-Chairman
  • Kirby Braxton, Member
  • Donald Heath, Member
  • Marlene Salyer, Member