Naloxone Resources

Naloxone Access

You can access naloxone one of the following ways:

1. Behind the counter at selected pharmacies. All CVS and Walgreens pharmacies now have naloxone available "behind the counter" although not all pharmacists know how to train someone to administer it. Remember to ask to be trained! 

Standing Order

A standing order is a medical order that authorizes the dispensing of a medication, like naloxone or the flu vaccine, to any person who meets criteria designated by the prescriber. North Carolina’s standing order for naloxone, signed by the State Health Director, authorizes any pharmacist practicing in the state of North Carolina and licensed by the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy to dispense naloxone to any person who meets set criteria. These criteria include:

  • Being at risk of opiate-related overdose due to medical conditions or history;
  • Being the friend or family of someone at risk of opiate-related overdose, thus being able to respond in case of overdose; and
  • Being in the position to assist another person at risk of opiate-related overdose.

Naloxone is available under the statewide standing order, without a prescription, at the majority of retail pharmacies in North Carolina. It is covered by most insurance policies. First signed in June 2016, North Carolina is the third state in the country to adopt a statewide standing order for naloxone. 

Not all pharmacies have naloxone, so here is the most recent list of pharmacies with a standing order to sell naloxone behind the counter: Pharmacies with Naloxone Standing Order.

2. Prescription. Your doctor can write you a prescription that can be filled at any pharmacy.