Hurricane Florence Damage Reporting

Many properties were damaged due to the effects of Hurricane Florence in September 2018. Craven County and municipal officials documented approximately 5000 parcels of real property that suffered damage as a result of the storm. While we can assume some of the minor damage will be repaired or replaced by the January 1, 2019 assessment date, we realize that many of those more severely impacted may not be fully restored by that time and some others may have been affected such that they may not be repaired. Due to the large number of affected properties, we cannot make a site visit to each one during the month of January to determine its condition. Please help us by documenting and reporting to our office your damage and the condition of the property as it exists on January 1, 2019. 

North Carolina General Statute 105-309(c)(4) requires that any change made to real property in excess of $100 since the last appraisal must be reported in writing. Once we receive your listing, we will make a site visit to assess the property and mail you a notice of the change in value, if any. If we do not receive this information, we may not accurately assess your real property for tax year 2019. Once the board of equalization and review adjourns in June 2019, appeal rights for that year end. The county then adopts its budget in and the tax rate is set and notices are mailed. It is our desire to serve you by providing an accurate assessment. 

Your cooperation assures we accomplish that goal. Should you have any questions, please contact our appraisal office by email at or by phone at (252) 636-6640.

Forms for reporting property damage and modification will be included in mailings to taxpayers in late December. To access and complete the form online, click here.