Information for Running for Office / Filing

Running & Filing

County Offices, North Carolina Senate, and North Carolina House of Representatives file at the local board of elections. All other federal and state offices file with the state board of elections.

Candidates who will file at the State Board of Elections should first visit their local board of elections to have their voter registration information verified by the Director.

View fact sheets for running for office or view the running and filing information from the North Carolina Constitution (PDF).

FILING DATES for 2018 Elections:

Candidates seeking to file for the 2018 elections should note the below tables to determine the proper place and date to file. To file, a candidate will need to submit a Notice of Candidacy to the respective Board of Election governing their race during the filing period. In order to prevent the premature filing of the form, the Notice of Candidacy forms will be made available approximately two weeks prior to the start of candidate filing. The filing form and the requisite filing fee must be received by the respective Board of Election before the filing period ends.

Generally, the filing fee is one percent (1%) of the salary of the position being sought.


Filing begins 12 noon June 18, 2018  and ends 12 noon June 29, 2018TermWhere to fileAnnual salary*Filing Fee            (1% rounded)
Associate Justice-State Supreme Court8 yearsSt. Bd of Elctns$146,191$1,462
Judge-State  Court of Appeals8 yearsSt. Bd Of Elctns$140,144$1,401
Judge-Superior Court8 yearsSt. Bd.Of Elctns$132,584$1,326
Judge-District Court4 yearsSt. Bd.Of Elctns$116,710$1,167

Filing begins 12 noon June 11, 2018   and ends 12 noon July 6, 2018TermWhere to file
Filing Fee             set fee
Soil & Water Conservation Supervisor           (2 seats)4 yearsCo. BOEn/a$5.00

*Refs: Exec. Order No. 13655;S.L. 2017-57, Sec 35.4; N.C.G.S. 120-3(b); S.L. 2015-241 Sec. 30.4(a);
NC Administrative  Office of the Courts; N.C.G.S. 139-6; Craven County; Craven County Schools

This information is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time released.  CCBOE

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