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Leaks Cost Everyone

Water leaks can cost YOU and US!

Due to this winter’s recent storms we have had many customers that have had various questions about frozen pipes and the leaks that can result. Craven County Water does offer a leak adjustment provided you meet the criteria listed:

  • Customer shall make repairs within 48 hours after notified by the Water Department personnel to qualify for an adjustment.
  • Customer must provide either a signed statement or copy of a bill from the plumber that the leak has been repaired by a N.C. Licensed Plumber or an itemized store receipt for the parts that were used for repair.
  • In order to qualify for an adjustment the billed amount must be at least twice as much as the average monthly consumption over the surrounding 12 months, unless 12 months data is not available.
  • Customer shall pay the 12 month water consumption average plus one-half the amount over the 12 month average and the County will absorb the remainder.
  • Only one adjustment shall be allowed in a consecutive twelve month period.
  • Bill must be at least $50.00.                                                                 

To see a sample of a leak adjustment, click here.

Our leak adjustments are based on your consumption, so the sooner you find and repair that leak the more money you will save on your bill. Water is a non-renewable resource, so every drop counts. For more ways you can help conserve water, check out our water conservation page. There you will find additional links.

For more information on locating a leak, click here.

Quick repairs of leaks save you and the Water Department. Our field staff, in partnership with the office staff, does their best to notify customers of high consumption. However, leaks may occur in between regular meter readings. Check your meter if you suspect a leak is in your home. On the face of your meter there is an indicator. It is a red needle or triangle. If you are not using water in your home or business and that indicator is spinning, that moving indicator shows that water is going through your meter. The most prevalent source of unknown leaks is toilets that run. These are also the trickiest leaks because they are intermittent.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our office at 252-636-6615. 

The Water Department, as a whole, encompasses both Field and Office Staff that work together to accomplish the goal of providing safe and affordable drinking water to the citizens of Craven County that live in the unincorporated areas. We service a diverse population that spans from the North West part of Craven County all the way to the Harlowe area. We service around 14,000 homes while continuing to be proactive in the education of conserving this most valuable resource.

For after-hours emergencies, call 252-636-6615.

Water Tower on NC Hwy 55 W

Water Tower

Craven County Water Treatment Facility 

Ribbon Cutting

Water Plant Sign

Craven County Government held a ribbon cutting event unveiling the new Water Treatment Facility.

For more information please click here or look in the FAQ section. 

To see the local news coverage click here for video and click here for print.

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