Election Results

Craven County Election Abstracts (Results) With Votes Cast by Precinct & Candidate

Note: Odd numbered years have November elections, on varied election cycles, for the Municipalities of:

  • City of Havelock
  • City of New Bern
  • First Craven Sanitary District
  • Town of Bridgeton
  • Town of Cove City
  • Town of Dover
  • Town of River Bend
  • Town of Trent Woods
  • Town of Vanceboro

All municipalities run a non-partisan plurality election method, except for the City of New Bern which runs a non-partisan runoff election method with the election held in October. If there are any runoffs, they are held in November of the same year. Runoffs are when no candidate for a single office receives a majority of the total votes cast for that office.

Election Official Results -Canvass Abstracts (PDF files)