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Posted on: August 19, 2019

Curbside Recycling Program Changes Coming in Craven County


Craven County residents will begin to see the initial phase of Craven County’s new curbside recycling program beginning on August 26, 2019 when Waste Industries/Green for Life (GFL) begins to deliver 47,000 of the 95 gallon lime green and black rolling recycle carts.  New recycling cart delivery is expected to be completed by September 28, 2019; however, residents will continue weekly curbside recycling with their current 18 gallon recycle bin until October 4, 2019.

The monthly curbside recycling pickup with the 95 gallon roll carts will begin on Monday, October 7, 2019.  Recyclables placed in any container other than the 95 gallon roll cart will not be picked up after October 4, 2019. 

Residents are encouraged to keep their current 18 gallon recycle bins and to repurpose them; though the curbside recycling service will not pick up recyclables from the old containers after October 4, 2019.  “The old recycle bins can be extremely useful for storing smaller amounts of recyclables to later be placed into the larger roll carts.  They can also be used for a temporary recycle container during backyard cookouts or for storing items in the garage,” stated Amber Parker, Craven County Human Resources Director.

Residents who do not wish to keep their current 18 gallon recycle bins are encouraged to give them to friends or neighbors who can use them or to drop them off at one of Craven County’s seven convenience sites for other residents to use.  Residents also have the option of placing unwanted empty 18 gallon recycle bins curbside for pickup on regular trash collection days.

The new curbside recycle program in Craven County will affect all of Craven County and its municipalities except for Bridgeton, which manages its own curbside recycling pickup.

Questions regarding the new curbside recycling program have already been emerging.  Residents who do not wish to participate in the curbside recycling program can contact Waste Industries/GFL at 252-638-1366 and request their roll cart to be picked up; however, the $60.00 annual fee will still apply.

The new recycle carts will have a white hot stamp on the lid to help educate residents about what is, and what is not, recyclable.  “A large part of the problem with the recycling industry is residents are unknowingly contaminating mixed recyclables with items that should not be in the recycle bins.  This causes an increased price for materials recycling facilities to sort and process recyclables,” stated Rusty Cotton, Craven County Solid Waste Director.

Craven County is working with Waste Industries/GFL to develop educational materials and an interactive website to show residents their curbside recycling pickup schedule.  Areas of Craven County will be organized into zones and each zone will be assigned a color and each residence participating in curbside recycling will be assigned a zone color and a pickup day of the week.  The zone color and the pickup day of the week will be stamped onto the top of the recycling cart.

Residents who have not received the new 95 gallon lime green and black recycling roll cart by September 28 should call Waste Industries/GFL at 252-638-1366 to request one.

The recycling roll carts are the property of Waste Industries/GFL and each residence is permitted to have one 95 gallon roll cart for recyclables to be collected each month under the program provided by Craven County.  Residents wishing to have additional curbside recycling services provided can establish a private service with Waste Industries/GFL. 

All recyclable materials to be picked up must be contained within the 95 gallon roll cart and the lid to the cart must be able to close fully or the automated pick up system on the new Waste Industries/GFL recycling trucks will not be able to collect the recyclables.  All recyclables should be rinsed and free of food remnants and all cardboard boxes must be broken down or cut down to fit within the container so the lid will close.

Residents who produce more recyclables than a 95 gallon roll cart will hold each month have the option of taking those recyclables to one of Craven County’s seven convenience centers at no charge.

Craven County’s curbside recycling program accepts aluminum cans, newspapers with inserts, mixed paper, clear/green/brown glass, #1 PETE clear plastic, #2 HDPE natural plastic, rigid plastic bottles with the neck smaller than the body of the container (except motor oil and pesticide containers), corrugated cardboard cut down to no larger than 2’ x 3’ and steel/tin cans.

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Craven County Curbside Recycling Program Transition

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: When will I get a new cart? 

A: Carts will be delivered beginning the week of August 26 and all carts should be delivered before September 30. If you do not have your cart by September 30, please call Waste Industries dba GFL at 252-638-1366.  

Q: What is the last day of service with the 18 gallon bins?

A: The week of September 30 through October 4 will be the last week of weekly service with the bins. The monthly cart service will begin the week of October 7. Only carts and what is inside of cart will be serviced.

Q: What will the new carts look like? 

A: The new carts are 95 gallon lime green roll carts with lids and they are easily distinguishable from the old bins or trash bins.  They are stamped with GFL which stands for Waste Industries dba Green for Life (GFL).  The cart you receive will also have information stamped on the top in white lettering.  The dimensions of the cart are 42 inches tall and 35 inches wide at the top.

Q: What day will my new cart be serviced?

A: Each cart will be delivered with a calendar with the weeks color coded. Your cart will have a colored decal with the day of the week notated. Look at your calendar to find your week and day according to the colored decal on your cart. For example, if you have a red decal with an M, then you are serviced on Mondays on the red weeks. Your cart will be serviced every four weeks. If you lose your calendar, please check the Solid Waste section of the Craven County website.  Carts should be placed curbside by 7:00 a.m. on collection day.

Q: How will this affect my trash pickup schedule?

A: The curbside recycling change will not affect trash pickup schedules.  Residents will continue to have their trash collected on the same day they are currently having trash collected.


Q: How does the new roll cart need to be placed curbside?

A: The roll carts will be picked up by automated arms on the Waste Industries/GFL trucks.  They should be placed adjacent to the curb or roadway with the handle and wheels facing your house and the lid opening facing the street before 7:00 a.m. on collection day.  They should be 10 feet from mailboxes, vehicles, street lamps or power poles and the trash bin and recycling bin should be 3 feet apart. The cart will have arrows on it to show which side should be facing the street.  The lid of the container must be fully closed for it to be serviced.


Q: I do not wish to use the 95 gallon roll cart for recycling.  May I use my own bin or cart for recycling?

A: No. Only Waste Industries dba GFL issued roll carts and what is inside of the cart will be serviced.

Q: What do we do with 18 gallon bins?

A: You may keep your bins. They can be utilized for many different things such as collecting the recyclables in your home or for backyard events. If you do not need the bin, you can deliver it to the convenience sites where they will be recycled/re-used or give them to a friend or neighbor who needs an extra one. You can also leave them empty on the curb on your regular garbage service day and they will be carried to the landfill.


Q: What if a roll cart is delivered to my address but I do not want it?

A: If you do not wish to have curbside recycling services, call Waste Industries dba GFL at 252-638-1366 to have your cart picked up.  The $60.00 annual recycling fee on your Craven County tax bill will still apply.

Q: What if I miss my monthly recyclables pickup day?

A: You can take your recyclables to any one of Craven County’s seven Convenience Sites for no charge.  


The Convenience Sites are open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and on Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.  They are located at:

101 Convenience Site:  3555 NC Highway 101, Havelock, North Carolina.

Bridgeton Convenience Site:  605 NC Highway 55 East New Bern, North Carolina.

Fort Barnwell Convenience Site:  205 Belltown Road, Dover, North Carolina.

Hickman Hill Convenience Site:  7775 Highway 70 East, Havelock, North Carolina.

Monette’s Convenience Site:  4001 Old Cherry Point Road, New Bern, North Carolina.

Sanders Lane Convenience Site:  135 Sanders Lane, New Bern, North Carolina.

Vanceboro Convenience Site:  232 Bailey Lane Vanceboro, North Carolina.

Q: What can I recycle?

A: The lid of your cart will be hot stamped with materials to be recycled.  All materials should be rinsed and free of food remnants. Your cart will be delivered with a calendar and a more detailed list of items but the following list of items can be recycled in your roll cart:

  • Glass Containers (clear, brown and green)
  • Aluminum beverage cans
  • Newspapers (including inserts) / Mixed Paper
  • Plastic PETE #1 containers (soft drink and salad dressing bottles)
  • Plastic HDPE #2 natural containers (milk and water jugs)
  • Plastic HDPE #2 pigmented containers such as blue, green, red and white (name brand detergent products)
  • Steel (tin) cans
  • Corrugated cardboard (OCC), free of contaminates, flattened and reduced in size to fit within roll cart.

Q: Do I need to sort my recyclables?

A: No, you do not need to sort recyclables.


Q: May I or do I need to bag my recyclables before I put them in cart?

A: Please do not bag any materials. Place items loose in cart. Do not place any plastic bags or plastic film in the cart.


Q: I moved here from another area and we recycled materials that are not stamped on the lid of my cart.  Can I still recycle those?

A: No, only materials stamped on the lid of your cart can be recycled in Craven County.  The materials that are recyclable through pickup services vary from community to community based upon the contracts haulers have with materials recycling facilities.  The only items that can be recycled through Craven County’s curbside recycling program are stamped on the lid of your cart.


Q: We have just moved here and have extra boxes. What do I do with them? 

A: Small boxes may be broken down or large boxes may be cut down into smaller pieces and placed in cart. Any excess boxes may be taken to one of Craven County’s seven convenience sites.


Q: How many carts are we allowed?

A: Everyone is allowed only one cart through the Craven County contract. Extra recyclable material can be delivered to any of Craven County’s seven Convenience Sites at no charge. If extra carts or curbside service is needed, please call Waste Industries dba GFL at 252-638-1366.


Q: Does the cart belong to me now?

A: All carts are property of Waste Industries dba GFL. Please leave the cart at your current address if you move. If the cart lid, wheels or cart is damaged please call Waste Industries dba GFL at 252-638-1366 for repair or replacement. There is no charge for normal wear and tear.


Q: What if my pickup day falls on a holiday?

A: The only holidays that impact recycling collection are New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  Just as with the past program, if a resident’s recycling pick up falls on one of those three days or a day of the week after one of those three days, recycling pickup will be the following day.  For example, if someone’s regular recycling day is on Thursday, November 28 (Thanksgiving), it will be moved to Friday, November 29.  If someone’s regular recycling day is Friday, November 29, it will be moved to Saturday, November 30.  All recycling schedules will resume back to normal the following Monday.



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