Visiting Guidelines

Visiting Hours

Monday - Friday
8:45 am - 1:00 pm (Lunch Break); 2:00pm - 4:30 pm

Inmate's last name begins with:

  • A-E (Monday)
  • F-J (Tuesday)
  • K-O (Wednesday)
  • P-T (Thursday)
  • U-Z (Friday)


  • Daily and as needed

General Guidelines for All Visitors

  • Secured area of the facility by visitors. Only a small ring of keys and IDs will be allowed. The Craven County Judicial Center will not be responsible for any property brought into the facility by visitors.
  • All visitors must pass through a metal detector and/or be checked with a hand-held metal detector. All visitors are subject to a pat-down search as well. If you refuse any of these procedures your visits will be terminated.
  • Visitors must be properly attired at all times. Any clothing items considered to be provocative or revealing in nature are prohibited. Shirts and shoes are required at all times. The Lobby Officer has the authority to refuse any visit due to inappropriate attire.
  • In the event of a facility "lockdown" or an emergency, all visits will be cancelled and all visitors will be asked to leave the facility.
  • All social, attorney, bonding agents, and media visits will be non-physical contact visits. All contact visits must be approved through the Jail Administrator or appropriate authority.
  • No child will be left unattended in the lobby area at any time.
  • Children, ages 1 to 17, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (proof of guardianship may be required).
  • All visitors must present a valid picture ID before being allowed to visit. Professional visitors must present proof of their professional capacity.
  • The Detention Center has the right to terminate or refuse any visit that may constitute a threat to the safety, security, or order of the facility. 
  • No items (e.g. cell phones, pagers, iPods, palm pilots, etc) may be brought into the facility.
  • You must conduct yourself in an orderly manner at all times. Any visitor who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance will not be allowed to visit.
  • Visitation areas are subject to video surveillance at all times. Any visitors creating a disturbance or using obscene language or gestures will be asked to leave. Disorderly visitors will be subject to arrest and criminal charges.
  • Introduction of, or an attempt to introduce, contraband into the facility may result in arrest and possible criminal prosecution.
  • An inmate will be allowed one visit per week, limit of 3 visitors per visit. Visit will last up to 15 minutes.

Guidelines for Attorney Visits

  • Attorneys must sign in and out in the designated log.
  • Attorneys visiting the facility will enter the jail intake/booking area.
  • You will be permitted to bring in a briefcase, folders, pads, etc. Following a visual search by the Lobby Officer, cell phones and pagers will not be used beyond intake area.
  • You may use designated attorney rooms, if available, to allow for confidential consultations.
  • Any visits after 5 p.m. have to be arranged prior to visiting inmate.

Guidelines for Special Visits

  • Special visits are visits which occur at times other than regularly scheduled visiting hours, extended beyond the time normally permitted, or are with a person not normally permitted a visit. Requests for special visitation must be made in advance and approved by the proper authority.
  • All guidelines for regular visits will also apply to special visits.
  • Detention Supervisors may authorize special or extended visits under the following conditions:
    • Approval by the Jail Administrator or proper authority.
    • The person wishing to visit has traveled long distance and has made prior arrangements with the Detention Facility.
    • The inmate has had a verified family emergency.
    • The Medical Staff, Chaplain, or Jail Administrator has determined that the inmate is experiencing a personal crisis and it would be to the inmate's or the facility's benefit to allow the visit.