Curbside Refuse

Craven County Residents have two (2) options for curbside refuse service.

(1) Trash Stickers

Craven County Government has a residential curbside trash sticker program for solid waste disposal.  A trash sticker must be attached to each trash container or each trash bag brought for disposal to a Craven County Convenience Center.  Each trash sticker cost $3.00 and is red in color.

You Need to Know

  • A trash sticker is required for each 33 gallon trash bag.1 Trash Bag = 1 Sticker
  • One trash sticker is required for every 33 gallon trash container
  • Residents are not required to register for the trash sticker program.
  • Trash stickers can be purchased at most convenience stores, gas stations and grocery stores. 
  • Residents use their own trash can. 


Container Sticker Guidelines

  • 0 to 33 gallon container = 1 sticker not more than 50 lbs.
  • 34 to 64 gallons container = 2 stickers not more than 100 lbs.
  • 65 to 90 gallon container = 3 stickers not more than 150 lbs.

Trash stickers are required for curbside disposal and for convenience site disposal of household garbage. Craven County’s curbside trash contractor will come by each household each week to service your trash. Contact Craven County Solid Waste at 252-636-6659 for additional information.

(2) GFL Subscription Service

Residents have the option to set up service with GFL, inc.  This is a private service between residents and GFL and the residents are responsible for paying GFL for service.

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Additional Information

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