Resource Partners

The following Resource Partners will be present at the 2020 Craven Works Job Fair. We hope that you will attend and make plans to visit their booth. If you are not able to make it, feel free to reach out to them directly. We hope that the information provided here is helpful in your employment and education endeavors.

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  • Craven County Department of Social Services - Provides services to enhance the quality of life of the county’s most vulnerable citizens. The general services available are:  Child Welfare, Adult Services, Public Assistance, Work Programs, Day Care, Preventative Services, Senior Services.
  • NCDHHS-Vocational Rehabilitation - Manages the delivery of health- and human-related services for all North Carolinians, especially our most vulnerable citizens - children, elderly, disabled and low-income families. The Department works closely with health care professionals, community leaders and advocacy groups; local, state and federal entities; and many other stakeholders to make this happen.
  • Personal & Professional Development - The Family Member Employment Assistance Program (FMEAP) provides classes, resources, and support that will help your family members with employment strategies, such as:  Interviewing skills; Resume adaptations based on job; Wage negotiation techniques; Job search strategies; Assessing the current labor market; Career counseling/assessments; Filling unemployment gaps.



  • Promise Place - Is a 501 (c)3, non-profit sexual assault agency serving Craven, Pamlico, and Jones counties. Serves men, women, children (ages 3 and up), and families affected by sexual violence, trauma of any type or crime. 24-hour crisis line. Services include:  Trauma-informed advocacy, Trauma-focused Mental Health, Community/Systems Outreach and Prevention Education. Services are comprehensive and at no charge. ESL friendly. They have a Spanish interpreter on site to assist you with your needs.
  • Veterans Employment Base Camp - To assist those veterans who are trying to make the transition from homelessness or at risk of being homeless, disabled or depressed and in need of a different form of therapy, unemployed or underemployed and needing financial guidance employment resources.

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