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The Craven County Economic Development Department’s mission is to facilitate economic growth in the Craven County.  We work with employers throughout counties helping them mitigate risks to invest more into the county and create jobs.  We also market Craven County’s strengths to companies that are interested in relocating their businesses or expanding to a new location.  While primarily thought of as focusing on industrial development, the Department also assists in growing other areas of the economy, such as agriculture, health care, tourism and the defense industry.  The Department also manages the public/private economic development partnership known as the Craven 100 Alliance (C1A).  This nonprofit’s mission is to bring public and private entities together and make key investments that result in private sector investment and job growth.

Department Highlights

  • Carolina GSE purchased the Craven 100 Alliance shell building. The total investment is $2 million and will create 10 jobs.
  • EAE purchased five acres in the park in 2019. They plan to invest nearly $1 million and create 25 jobs.
  • Craven County i under contract with Bayfront Development to purchase 6 acres. This will lead to a new shell building an an investment of nearly $1 million.
  • Craven County was awarded a NC Department of Commerce Grant of $370,000. Along with a Duke Energy grant of $25,000 and investment from  the county, this will add $500,000 worth of infrastructure to the park.
  • New tenant Chemac completed their building in 2020, another $1 million investment into the park.
  • McGuckin & Pyle relocated their operations from Pennsylvania in 2019. This meant a $2.5 million investment and the creation of 13 jobs in the park.
  • Chatsworth expanded in 2019, this expansion surpassed their initial investment estimates of $1 million and created more than the 15 jobs intended.
  • Through grant funds from the state and assistance from Craven County, was the extension of Executive Parkway - a road that has provided access to additional acreage for future development.
  1. Broadband Services Extended in the Havelock Industrial Park

    New Bern, NC – The Craven 100 Alliance (C1A), in partnership with the Havelock Regional Development Corporation (HRDC), are pleased to announce the extension of broadband internet services in the Havelock Industrial Park. Read on...
  2. MCAS Cherry Point to break ground for first F-35 MILCON project

    MCAS Cherry Point will break ground to begin construction on ht efirst of three F-35 Aircraft Maintenance Hangars. Read on...
  3. Craven Community College continues to expand Volt Center

    Craven Community college continues to expand its workforce training facility, otherwise known as the Volt Center, which is a collaboration between the City of New Bern and Craven Community College. Read on...
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