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Welcome to Craven County! We hope that your visit to our site is informative and helpful in knowing our mission - to grow and sustain business in Craven County.

Hurricane Florence Business Recovery Assessment

Who is this assessment for? Hurricane Florence Business Recovery Assessment

Business OWNERS anywhere in Craven County!

Why should you fill it out?

We know that you’re incredibly busy making your business the best it can be, however this survey is important for the entire community. The data collected will provide a resource for local, state, and federal agencies to understand how much the business community in Craven County has recovered from Florence, as well as identify where additional aide is most needed.


We need the most accurate data possible to present, so if you need to come back and fill out the survey later, that’s fine! We’ll be collecting data through the end of June!


Just follow the link! It’s super easy!

Our Department

Craven County Economic Development took on a new shape in 2014 when the private sector (Committee of 100) joined forces with the public sector (Craven County, Cities of New Bern and Havelock) to create a partnership called Craven 100 Alliance, where the four partners are now collaborating on long-term planning and setting the direction for economic development in Craven County.


To succeed our mission, listed here is the Five Year Strategic Initiative (2015-2019) that was developed to outline the goals for which we strive - to sustain existing industry and recruit new business, create employment opportunity through workforce development, and assist in small business and entrepreneurial development. For a more in-depth look, please visit the Craven 100 Alliance website.

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