Transportation (CARTS)

Craven Area Rural Transit System (CARTS) - Serving Craven, Jones, and Pamlico Counties


Transportation of the elderly or disabled is available with no fare for life necessity trips.  Life necessity is defined as a trip with a medical (including pharmacy) or nutritional purpose.  Elderly, for this program, is defined at age 60 or older.  Disabled is defined as a permanent disability.  Eligibility is verified.  Click here for the elderly or disabled program application.   

Mobility issues limiting or eliminating one’s ability to use steps to board a CARTS vehicle is remedied with the use of lift equipment, with a movable platform, to assist.  If you will need use of the lift equipment, please inform us when making reservations.  CARTS will allow one additional person at no additional fare to accompany a passenger who needs an attendant or assistance.  If you are disabled, your origination and destination are within ¾ mile of the fixed route, and due to the disability you are not able to utilize the fixed route service, you may be eligible for ADA Complementary Paratransit Service.  For more information on ADA Complementary Paratransit Service, click here.

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