Firemen's Relief Fund Board of Trustees


  • Robert Blalock
  • Oswald Chance
  • Troy Cleland
  • Felix Croom
  • Mark Dail
  • Anthony Elliott
  • Milton Everette
  • Keith Gaskins
  • Wesley Griffin, Jr.
  • Donald Heath
  • Carl Jarman
  • Theron McCabe
  • William McCoy
  • Aaron McLawhorn
  • Dred Mitchell
  • Keith Morris
  • Dan Murphy
  • Daniel New
  • Jeffrey Norman
  • Donald Rottmann
  • Dennis Smith
  • Mathew Spirko
  • Robert Stroud
  • Roger Wetherington

Board Purpose

The Firemen's Relief Fund Board of Trustees assumes control of all funds obtained from the Firemen's Relief Fund, which is a tax levy of one half of one percent of the fire and lightning insurance premiums collected in the fire district.


Members must be resident of district represented.