Agricultural Advisory Board


  • Jackie Anderson
  • Dale Dawson
  • Ricky Harrison
  • Glen Ipock
  • Dietrich Kilpatrick
  • David Parker
  • Larry Paul
  • Carl Turner
  • Wyatt Whitford

Craven County Soil and Water Conservation District Appointment

  • Dietrich Kilpatrick

Ex Officio Members

  • Patrick Baker, Craven Soil and Water Conservation
  • Pamela Hawkins, Craven Soil and Water Conservation
  • Mike Carroll, NC Cooperative Extension, Craven County
  • Tom Glasgow, NC Cooperative Extension, Craven County

Description of Volunteer Agricultural District

Administer provision of the Craven County Voluntary Agricultural District Ordinance and perform other agricultural related tasks or duties assigned by the Craven Count Board of Commissioners.


  1. Resident of area Township representing;
  2. Agricultural landowner;
  3. Actively and directly involved in agricultural production on at least 10 acres of farmland
  4. Special interest, experience, or education in agriculture and/or rural land preservation.

Board Purpose

Craven County has established agricultural districts to protect and preserve agricultural lands and activities. These districts have been developed and mapped by the county to inform all purchasers of real property that certain agricultural and forestry activities, including, but not limited to, pesticide spraying, manure spreading, machinery and truck operation, livestock operations, sawing, and other common farming activities may occur in these districts any time during the day or night. Maps and information on the location of enlisted farmlands can be found on the Craven County GIS website.

Additionally, efforts established the Craven County Agricultural Advisory Board to administer farmland preservation efforts; provide the agricultural community an opportunity to provide input to Craven County Commissioners in their decisions that may affect agriculture; and, increase protection from non-farm development and other negative impacts on properly managed farms