Paddle Trip #24 - Harlowe Canal

SR 1391 Bridge to Siddie Fields Recreation Area


  • Paddle distance:  8.2 miles
  • Put-in:  SR 1391 Bridge over the Harlowe Canal (N34 50.195 W76 44.937)
  • Take-out:  Siddie Fields Recreation Area (N34 55.807 W76 47.476)
  • Trip Highlights:  Historic Canal to marsh lands, creeks and open river. Birds and wildlife sightings likely.
  • Trip Difficulty:  Moderate to experienced due to distance and some open water.
  • Hazards:  Boat traffic, wind and tidal current.


PUT-IN:  SR 1391 Bridge

  • From Havelock, follow NC 101 toward Beaufort.  After you drive through Harlowe, turn left at the first road you come to (SR 1391 about .9 miles).  The bridge over the canal is about .2 miles from turn.  Launch at the south east side of the bridge and park along road.

TAKE-OUT:  Siddie Fields (Croatan NF)

  • From Havelock, take NC 101 toward Beaufort to (SR 1711) Temple Point Road and turn left (at Church/Cemetery).  Travel 2.0 miles to NC 1762 and turn left.  Follow 1.5 miles past Pine Cliff Rd to FR 167 (gravel road) and turn left and continue bearing left to end of road.  Launch on beach.


This paddle begins in a narrow tree lined canal,  which connects with Clubfoot Creek and eventually connects to the Neuse River.  Paddling the canal, you will experience current dependant on tides in the Newport River.  Approaching high tide, current flows toward Clubfoot Creek and following high tide, current reverses.  Currents are up to 2 mph maximum and decrease as you reach the junction of the Harlowe Canal and Clubfoot Creek (about 1 ½ miles).  The Siddie Fields take-out can be difficult to find as you paddle back along the Neuse River shoreline.


  • Put-in:  Begin the paddle by heading to the right (north) of the put-in and toward Clubfoot Creek.
  • Mile 0.8:  As you travel along the canal, you will reach the first bridge.
  • Mile 1.6:  The high treed banks continue until you reach the confluence of Clubfoot Creek.  At this junction, bear to the left to continue.  Paddlers may venture right to explore the far reaches of Clubfoot Creek for about a mile or so.
  • Mile 2.0:  Shortly you will see a large bay to your left.  Proceed straight ahead to continue the trail however see option below for information to explore Morton's Mill Pond.
  • Mile 5.0:  Continue your paddle along the left shoreline of Clubfoot Creek; you will notice the confluence of Gulden Creek to the right and Mitchell Creek to the left.  Straight ahead is a large marina known as Mathew's Point Marina and a friendly stop for paddlers.  I would suggest contacting the Dockmaster; Jesse Schmucker if you plan to go ashore use the marina facilities.
  • Mile 6.0:  Approximately 1 mile past the marina is the mouth of Clubfoot Creek and the Neuse River (N34 54.946 W76 45.576).  Continue your paddle to the left or upstream on the Neuse River.
  • Mile 8.2:  Your paddle will take you a little more then two miles in the Neuse River before you reach the take-out
  • Mile 9.5:  The TAKE-OUT at the Siddie Fields Beach Area is found along the left shoreline and can be difficult to spot.


Morton's Mill Pond

This side trip can add up to 3 miles to the paddle trail.  As you paddle into this area, you will reach the Blades Road Bridge in less then ½ mile.  Past the bridge and pilings, a possible launch site is noted on the right shoreline.  You may find it very interesting following the stream for about another mile before turning around.

Mitchell Creek

A similar stream to explore, Mitchell Creek, extends nearly 1 1/2 miles from Clubfoot Creek before it forks into Snake Branch and Big Branch streams.  This side trip also adds about 3 miles to the paddle.



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