Paddle Trail Maps and Directions


(Flags indicate trailheads)

1 Contentnea Creek - Neuse River Grifton NCWRC ramp to Maple Cypress Road Bridge 11
2 Upper Neuse River Maple Cypress Road Bridge to Cowpen Landing 11
3 Middle Neuse River Cowpen Landing to Glenburnie (GB) Park 11
4 Glenburnie Park Circle Neuse River, Hatteras Basin and Marsh Island 5 - 10
5 Turkey Quarter Creek Pitch Kettle (Neuse) to Cowpen Lndg via Turkey Quarter 9
6 Swift Creek Vanceboro to Bridgeton NCWRC Ramp 16
7 Bachelor Creek NC 43 Bridge to Glenburnie Park Ramp 9
8 The Gut Spring Garden Landing via Pine Tree and Gut to Glenburnie 9
9 New Bern Circle Between bridges on Neuse (RR and 17/55) 7
10 Lawson's Park Circle Lawson Creek, F Ditch and Old Town Lakes 9
11 N/A    
12 Trent River Circle Wilson, Haywood and Rocky Run Creeks 9
13 Brices Creek SR 1111 to NCWRC ramp to Merchant's To Lawson 12
14 Brices Lakes Circle Creekside Park or Merchant's to Quarry Lakes 4
15 Upper Broad Creek Circle Lee's Landing NCWRC upstream and cut 7
16 Upper Broad Creek-Northwest Harbour Lee's Landing to Northwest Creek (includes Fairfield Harbour) 6 - 10
17 Neuse River "North Shore" Bridgeton to Northwest Creek or Lee's Landing 10 - 13
18 Neuse River "South Shore" Union Point Park to Hancock Creek NCWRC 19
19 Slocum Creek Circle West prong NCWRC 12
20 Cherry Point West prong NCWRC to Hancock Creek NCWRC 10
21 Hancock-Cahooque Creek Circles Hancock Creek NCWRC (3 circle trips) 15
22 Lower Neuse River Hancock Creek NCWRC to Siddie Fields Landing 6
23 Mitchell Creek Circle Siddie Fields Landing 10
24 Harlowe Canal SR 1391 Bridge to Siddie Fields Landing 9
25 Neuse River to Adams Creek Sea Gate at SR 101 to Siddie Fields Landing 18



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