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Chief Appraiser: Glenn Jones
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** Notice **

Craven County's 2016 revaluation is underway and notices of the new assessed valuations were mailed to all real property owners on March 1, 2016.  If the owner agrees that the assessment is a reasonable estimate of the value as of January 1, 2016, there is no need to respond.  Taxpayers who disagree with the valuation estimate may appeal it by removing the bottom tear-off portion and returning it to the Craven County Tax Office.  Questions may be answered by either calling the Craven County Appraisal Office at 252-636-6640 or by emailing us at

2016 Schedules of Values, Standards and Rules
(posted 10/19/2015)
(27MB, 424 pages)

For correspondence of 2016 Revaluation items, please send to email address:

2016 Property Revaluation Informational Meetings
Click the above link for a schedule of dates, locations and times of public meetings to share information regarding the upcoming Craven County Property Revaluation process.

Below is the PowerPoint presentation to be used at the Property Revaluation Informational Meetings, in PowerPoint format and Adobe PDF format. Open or download the one best suited for use.

2016 Revaluation Presentation-PowerPoint
2016 Revaluation Presentation-Adobe PDF

2016 Real Property Revaluation Flyer
Click the above link for information related to the revaluation of real properties.

2016 Commercial Property Revaluation Survey Forms

Purpose of General Commercial Property Income & Expense Survey (with instructions): These surveys are intended to provide the Craven County Assessor's Office with a means of determining income and expenses associated with specific kinds of improved commercial properties, in order to accurately determine the assessed value of both the real estate and improvements. Instructions detailing how the property owner should fill out these questionnaires are provided in the above link.

Owners of commercial properties in Craven County are mailed printed versions of the Income & Expense Surveys. These surveys are designed to help the property owner accurately describe the real estate improvements and determine the net income generated by current lease agreements and expense data.

Commercial Property Income & Expense Survey forms are available for download in the following formats:

Microsoft Excel Format (xlsx) 180kb
Microsoft Word Format (docx) 63kb
Portable Document Format (pdf) 226kb

Apartment Income & Expense Survey forms are available for download in the following formats:

Microsoft Excel Format (xlsx) 114kb
Microsoft Word Format (docx) 47kb
Portable Document Format (pdf) 698kb

The text based Public Inquiry, located on the Online I & S page, is available.



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