Craven County Inspections provides a review of residential and commercial projects and enforces the NC State Building Codes.

Required Inspections for Residential Construction 

  1. Footing for crawl space and raised slabs
  2. Temporary electric for service poles
  3. Plumbing for under slabs
  4. Concrete slab for slab house
  5. Floor system for crawl space before plywood installed
  6. Rough-in framing
  7. Rough-in electrical
  8. Rough-in plumbing
  9. Rough-in mechanical
  10. Insulation
  11. Final electrical
  12. Certificate of occupancy
 Inspections #1 and #2 or #2 and #3 should be done at the same time. Inspections #6-#9 are also to be done at the same time.The process for purchasing a Mobile Home Permit is as follows: 
  1. Have proper Land Use Application Permit.
  2. Have proper and current sewer permit.
  3. If your property is in a FEMA flood zone, you will need to have a preliminary flood certificate.
  4. Have a completed Mobile Home Inspection application with the contractors name and license number.
The following information can help expedite your permit purchase and inspection process:Ø      We encourage all applicants to complete all necessary permit applications prior to visiting the Planning and Inspections officeØ      All required inspections are included as part of the mobile home and mechanical permit processØ      If the site is in an identified FEMA flood zone, then a final flood elevation certificate will be required before power can be turned on to the structureØ      There will be a re-inspection fee charged if your home does not pass the initial inspectionØ      At the time of inspection, the following items must be completed:-         house must be properly blocked up and tied down (new homes per factory manual and used homes per North Carolina code book)-         plumbing must be complete with septic connection uncovered-         all wiring must be completed per the National Electric Code-         must have proper steps at all doors-         must have positive drainage from under homePlease see the Frequently Asked Questions section of this web site for more information regarding Building Inspections.



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