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Nutrition Counseling Services

Healthier Eating for a Healthier Lifestyle
Proper nutrition is an important component of overall good health. The Craven County Health Department offers nutrition counseling (Medical Nutrition Therapy) to help you prevent or manage certain medical conditions. Meet with a Registered Dietitian to develop a personalized plan to help you prevent or better manage medical conditions or simply to improve the way you feel.

Availability of Services
Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is available to anyone needing nutritional counseling. If you have Insurance a referral is needed by your Primary Care Giver. For those without insurance or if your insurances does not cover nutritional counseling fees are charged on a sliding scale based on income. The health department currently accepts most insurances including, Medicare and Medicaid. Please check with your insurance provider prior to scheduling the MNT appointment to see if it will cover Medical Nutrition Therapy.

Click HERE for a copy of the Medical Nutrition Therapy referral form. Medical Nutrition Therapy is available for many issues including:

• Weight Management
• Diabetes
• High Cholesterol
• High Blood Pressure
• Feeding Issues in Children
• Many Other Conditions


Click HERE for information on Medical Nutrition Therapy appointments, and information on registered dietitians.

Click HERE for reasons you should consider consulting with a dietitian.

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Menu Planning and Recipes

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Weight Management

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Physical Activity

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Food Safety

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Childhood Nutrition

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Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

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For more information contact:
Lisa Mayo, RD, LDN at 252-636-4920, Extension 2077



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