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Director: Scott Harrelson
Phone: (252) 636-4920
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The Craven County Health Department is fully Accredited by the NC Local Health Department Accreditation Board.

The Notice of Privacy Practices describing how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information is available in.PDF format. Adviso de Prácticas de Privacidad


Administration Adult Health
Child Health Dental Health
Environmental Health Health Education
Hospice WIC
Nutrition Laboratory


"It is easier to preserve health than to recover
it, easier to prevent disease than to cure it."
-- Dr. George Cheyne, 1725

It is the mission of the Craven County Health Department to build upon the history of public health while responding to the dynamics of the growth of our county and the changing priorities of the health system.

We strive to improve the health status, and thereby the quality of life of our citizens by providing:

  1. prevention, screening, treatment, referral and education services.
  2. a doorway of access to the medical community.
  3. environmental services to ensure a safe community in which to live.
  4. assistance to employees in their professional growth and recognizing them for their accomplishments.
  5. the highest quality services at the most efficient cost.
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