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Notice to Swimming Pool Operators
Pool Drain Safety Compliance Data

As of 2017 this data must be included with your Application and current Data Sheet in order to obtain an Operating Permit for your Swimming Pool.

Pool Drain Safety Compliance Data Form
Instructions for Completion of Pool Drain Safety Form 

Pool Drain Safety Form

The term "public swimming pool" means any structure, chamber, or tank containing an artificial body of water used by the public for swimming, diving, wading, recreation, or therapy, together with buildings, appurtenances, and equipment used in connection with the body of water, regardless of whether a fee is charge for its use. The term includes municipal, school, hotel, motel, apartment, boarding house, athletic club, or other membership facility pools and spas.

This term does not apply to a private pool serving a single family dwelling and used only by the residents of the dwelling and their guest. It also does not apply to therapeutic pools used in physical therapy programs operated by medical facilities licensed by the Department or operated by a licensed physical therapist, nor to therapeutic chambers drained, cleaned, and refilled after each individual use.

An application (see Applications link) for a permit to operate a Public Swimming Pool, Spa/Hot Tub or Wading Pool in Craven County, along with the pool fee must be submitted, prior to making an appointment with the Environmental Health Specialist to inspect your pool for the purpose of issuing an Operations Permit. Please do not wait until the date you wish to open your pool to make an appointment, as this may delay your opening due to time constraints.

No public swimming pool may be opened for use unless the owner or operator has obtained an operation permit issued by the Division of Environmental Health, Craven County Health Department. 

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