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To safeguard life, promote human health and protect the environment through the practice of modern environmental health science, the use of technology, rules, public education, and above all, dedication to the public trust.

ServSafe Proctored Exams
Minimum class size: 2 participants.
Fee:  $75 per participant.
Schedule:  Please see the events calendar on the Health Department Web Page.

Notice to Swimming Pool Operators
Pool Drain Safety Compliance Data
As of 2017 this data must be included with your Application and current Data Sheet
in order to obtain an Operating Permit for your Swimming Pool.

Pool Drain Safety Compliance Data Form
Instructions for Completion of Pool Drain Safety Form

Pool Drain Safety Form


*****Attention Temporary Food Service Establishments*****
(Vendors at Festivals & Other Events)

NC Law requires that all applications for food sales at festivals and similar events be submitted to the local health department at least 15 days prior to the event.
Craven County Health Department will be enforcing this requirement.

*****Attention Limited Food Service Establishment Operators*****
(Concessions at Amateur Sporting Events)

As of August 1, 2013, the Permitting/Operating fee ($75) must be paid to Craven County Health Department when applications are submitted to the Division of Environmental Health. Applications and fees must be submitted 30 days prior to opening day. Statements for this fee will not be mailed to the operators of these establishments.

Questions? Call 252-636-4936

*****Attention Swimming Pool Operators*****

The Division of Environmental Health is no longer mailing out the Swimming Pool Applications and Data Sheets. Please use the Applications Link to obtain your application and data sheet. You may also email or call our office at (252) 636-4936 to request them.

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Food Service Regulations
Effective 09/01/2012, NC has adopted new regulations
for Food Service Facilities.

Press Release

New Rule Highlights

NC Food Code

NC Food Rules
- Centers of Disease Control & Prevention

Ensures food safety and sanitation in permitted establishments including restaurants, food stands and drink stands, day cares, hospitals, rest homes, nursing homes, residential care facilities, seafood markets and seafood vehicles, meat markets, schools and school cafeterias, tattoo parlors, lodging establishments, mobile food units and pushcarts, elderly nutrition sites and limited food service establishments, local confinement institutions, summer camps and swimming pools and spas. Conducts food safety education classes for food service workers.

We accept cash, checks, credit card and debit card payments for services.
(A service fee of $1.95 for credit and $1.00 for debit payments will charged.)



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