Environmental Health Education

2818 Neuse Boulevard
New Bern, NC 28561
Supervisor: Keith Jernigan, REHS
Phone: (252) 636-4936
Fax: (252) 636-1474

Environmental problems are global in scope, but are most effectively tackled at the community level. The Environmental Health Education and Marketing Committee mission is to move beyond community awareness to environmentally responsible behavior. Classroom opportunities for speakers are available upon request.

Topics include Asthma Education, Hand Washing, Child Care Sanitation Earth Science and Mosquito Control, to name a few. The committee is represented by environmental health staff from On-site Wastewater, Food & Lodging, Animal Control, Children's Environmental Health and Health Education.

Disaster Response - Families can cope with disasters by preparing in advance. Basic information is provided to help citizens decide if food and water are safe following a natural disaster. Information on what to do about pets and vectors are also included.



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