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In 2006, the North Carolina General Assembly passed Session Law 2006-202, which required local health departments to initiate programs for permitting, inspection and testing of private drinking water wells. These include (1) private wells that serve a single residence and (2) transient non-community water supply wells that do not meet the definition of "public water supply" in 15A NCAC 18C (i.e. some restaurants, churches, schools, child care facilities, and medical facilities).

Craven County began implementing their private drinking water well program on July 1, 2008. A permit is required before a private drinking water well is installed, repaired, replaced, or abandoned/destroyed within Craven County.

Irrigation or agricultural wells (not used for drinking water) require no permit from the local health department. Information about irrigation/agricultural wells may be obtained from the Division of Water Quality at (252) 946-6481.


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