Lost & Found

Animal Control Supervisor: Trinity Smith
Phone: (252) 637-4606
Fax: (252) 633-0925

The Craven Pamlico Animal Services Center attempts to return lost animals to their owners and picks up stray animals found by members of our community.

Each month we receive over 200 reports of lost animals. If you have lost your pet, we recommend that you come to the Animal Services Center and look through the animals in our kennels. Also fill out a lost report with the Animal Control staff. Be certain to fill the report out in detail and bring a recent picture of your pet if possible.

Even if you have filled out a lost report, we strongly recommend that you visit the Animal Services Center every three days to look for your pet. After all, you know your pet best. There are certain areas of the Center that are not open to the public. If you ask a staff member for assistance, they will gladly escort you into these areas.

If you find a stray animal, there are two options: One, either turn the animal into the Animal Services Center, or file a "found" report. Our staff compares lost and found reports on a regular basis in an effort to identify possible matches. Also remember to check Lost & Found classified ads in the newspaper and on local bulletin boards.

Remember - Your pet is required by law to wear a rabies tag at all times. Pets with tags have a much better chance of being reunited with their owners than animals with no identification.



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