Animal Adoption

Animal Control Supervisor:  Trinity Smith
Phone: (252) 637-4606
Fax: (252) 633-0925

The Craven Pamlico Animal Services Center pet adoption program brings animals and people together. If you are looking for a new pet, the Animal Services Center has hundreds of dogs and cats to choose from for adoption. The Center also has a playroom for people to interact and play with the animals they are considering for adoption.

Because we see so many unwanted animals, we urge that you consider all aspects of pet ownership. Dogs and cats are an ongoing financial expense, as well as being time consuming. They need regular veterinary checkups, they need training (Craven county has several wonderful certified pet trainers), they need responsible ownership, and last, but not least, they need love.

The acquisition of a pet should be a family decision; it is not a short term or temporary commitment to take an animal into your home. We strive to assist you in your choice of a dog or puppy, a cat or a kitten by asking questions regarding your lifestyle and your expectations of the pet.

By asking questions we are not being intrusive, we want to help you make the right decision, for you and for the pet. We hope that you will allow us to help you make that decision.

Our staff usually knows some of the personality traits of the animals in our care as the majority of the pets are actually surrendered by their original owners. Reasons range from moving, to children's allergy, to just not having the time it takes to provide the companionship and care an animal requires.

Craven County ordinance requires all animals adopted from Craven Pamlico Animal Services Center receive a rabies vaccination and be spayed or neutered within a certain time frame.

Adoption fees include the first rabies vaccination, a microchip and registration, and a voucher to cover a portion of the animal's spay or neuter. Dogs/puppies are $105.00 and cats/kittens are $80.00. Adoption fees must be paid in cash or by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card. There is a Convenience Fee for all debit or credit card transactions.

We offer a senior citizen discount for adopters over the age of 65.

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