Ethnic Food Safety

Ethnic foods are those foods that are frequently prepared and eaten by a group of people (EspaƱol) classified according to common traits, language, social views and customs who reside, or their ancestors originally resided, in a particular region or country. At one time, preparation of these foods was limited to the region of their origin, but tourist were apt to eat them when they visited the region. In countries like the US, that attract foreign workers or immigrants, ethnic foods are prepared, sold or sought by immigrants or their offspring, or others who have been introduced to the foods. Some ethnic foods have frequently been implicated as vehicles in outbreaks of foodborne disease, while others, due to their ingredients and preparation practices are potential vehicles of foodborne illness. Yet, others are quite shelf stable and safe for human consumption.

Ethnic foods vary considerably in composition and methods of preparation but are exposed to sources of contamination that are observed during routine inspections of restaurants.

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