Craven Community Child Protection Team

Current Members

Nadia Anderson
Terry Brubaker
Amy Bryant
Dorothy Cumisky
Diane Donald
Kent Flowers
Clayton Gaskins
Dawn Baldwin Gibson
Mary Guilfoyle
Christy Hawkins
Debbie Hodges
Gail C. Horne
Debra Kenyear
Stanley Kite
Sandra Kutkhun
Bradley Lanto
Mary Mallard
Dawn McCabe
Walter Mills
Cathy Parnell
John Roberts
Deb Rogers
Alfreda Stout

Kimberly Tutwiler

Rachelle Vo

Jennifer Wilson

The purpose of the Child Protection Team is to respond to child protection needs before a child is harmed by taking action to identify and address gaps or deficiencies in services and resources through the annual report to the County Board of Commissioners, collaboration with community partners, promoting public awareness and advocating for action that addresses the child protection needs of each county.

Next vacancy: January 2015



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