Craven Aging Planning Board


Georgia Newkirk, Chair

Carolyn Bland

Gwendolyn Bryan

Tonya Cedars

Joanne Celinski

Scott Dacey

Sherry Hartmann

Joy Hudson

Dora Jones

Elizabeth Junak

Linda Klund

Paula Lasitter

Linda LeDrew

Mary Ann Mehan

Maggie Miannay

Deborah Patterson

Dean Roberts

Angela Shelters

 Kelly Walker

Description of Craven Aging Planning Board

 The Craven Aging Planning Board serves as the sole policy formulation Board concerning aging programs on behalf of the Craven County Board of Commissioners.

Qualifications: 1) Representatives of specific agencies; 2) one member 60 years of age or older; 3) a client representative (individual directly caring for older adults or who is employed by or volunteering for a senior service provider).

Upcoming vacancies: February 2014


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