Meeting Schedule For Commissioners

Regular Meetings: The Board of Commissioners holds regular meetings on the first and third Monday of each month. If a regular meeting day is a holiday on which County offices are closed, the meeting is held on the next business day or such succeeding day as may be specified. Regular meetings are held in the Craven County Commissioners Meeting Room at the Craven County Administration Building, New Bern, North Carolina, unless an alternate location is specified below. The meeting held on the first Monday convenes at 7:00 p.m. The meeting held on the third Monday convenes at 8:30 a.m.

Special Meetings: The chair or a majority of board members may call special meetings with notice given to all members and news media organizations.

Citizens wishing to petition the Board of Commissioners may do so at the first meeting of each month (7:00 P.M.) by arriving between 6:30 and 7:00 p.m. and signing up on the sheet that is provided at the door. Requests concerning other business to be placed on the agenda should be made to the Clerk to the Board, according to the following schedule, at (252) 636-6601 or by E-mail at A document of Helpful Hints (.PDF format) is provided for citizens appearing before the Board of Commissioners.


Note: All agenda items must be submitted to the Clerk to the Board before 12:00 noon.

Meeting Date Alternate Meeting Locations Agenda Deadline
3-Jan-17*   **23-Dec-16
17-Jan-17*   9-Jan-17
6-Feb-17   30-Jan-17
20-Feb-17   13-Feb-17
6-Mar-17   27-Feb-17
20-Mar-17   13-Mar-17
3-Apr-17   27-Mar-17
17-Apr-17   10-Apr-17
1-May-17   24-Apr-17
15-May-17   8-May-17
5-Jun-17   **26-May-17
19-Jun-17   12-Jun-17
5-Jul-17* Courtroom #4, Courthouse Annex, 302 Broad St. 26-Jun-17
17-Jul-17 Meeting Cancelled 10-Jul-17
7-Aug-17   31-Jul-17
21-Aug-17   14-Aug-17
5-Sep-17*   28-Aug-17
18-Sep-17   11-Sep-17
2-Oct-17   25-Sep-17
16-Oct-17   9-Oct-17
6-Nov-17   30-Oct-17
20-Nov-17   13-Nov-17
4-Dec-17   27-Nov-17
18-Dec-17   11-Dec-17

* - Indicates Holiday Schedule (meeting on following business day)

** - Indicates Early Agenda Deadline



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